Interesting Facts About Air Asia Malaysia

Air Asia is a low cost Malaysian airline. It is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The airline launched their services on December 20 in the year of 1993. They commenced their first flight operation on 16 November 1996. Air Asia is the largest airline service in Malaysia by its fleet size and the number of destinations it serves. The main hub of air Asia is Kila2 that is a carrier terminal at Kuala Lumpur international airport in Selangor, Malaysia. Thai Air Asia, Indonesian Air Asia, Philippines Air Asia, and Indian Air Asia are its affiliated airlines while AirAsia X is its sister airline. AirAsia X mainly operates over longer routes while Air Asia manages shorter routes. You can contact Air Asia Customer Service Malaysia

Here we are listing some important and less known facts about Air Asia Malaysia which one should know.

  • It is the biggest air service operating in Malaysia because they haul over 150 aircraft in their fleet and operate in almost over 100 countries across the globe.
  • The airline was launched with a slogan of “now everyone can fly.”
  • The company has kept up to their slogan and has won the world’s low cost carrier in international travel and airline awards for 8 years in a row. This is the opportunity not every airline witnesses.
  • Air Asia operates with a unit cost of US$ 0.023 per kilometers which is currently the lowest in the world for any airline.
  • They have crew productivity levels better than that of Malaysia airlines itself.
  • Air Asia is the official sponsor of Singapore national football team, Malaysian national football team, and Queens park rangers.

  • In past, they have also served as a sponsor to Manchester united football club and Asia red tour due to which they gained a lot of popularity across the world.
  • At an astonishing rate, around 140,000 number of people fly with air Asia on a daily basis.
  • Air Asia currently employs around 13,000 staff which includes aircraft crew and hostess as well as boarding officials.
  • Air Asia is one of the first Malaysian airlines which offered services like on board Wi-Fi for their customers.
  • Air Asia Malaysia is the first airline in the whole world to have an airbus A320 aircraft with sharklet wing tips.
  • On an average basis, they use their aircraft for around 13 hours a day and ranges in one of the top airlines in terms of aircraft utilization.
  • Air Asia Malaysia was referred to as the “Pioneer” of low cost travel in Asia by The New York Times.
  • Air Asia currently maintains a no refund policy as they do not offer refund for any of their services on all of their commercial routes. However they do offer partial refund on operations from South Korea due to some controversies and claims. For more clarity contact Air Asia Customer Service Malaysia
  • Their onboard luggage policy is limited to a single piece only and that too should weigh less than 7 kilograms and in addition to that one can take a small item like purse or bag with them.

These are some important and less known facts about Air Asia Malaysia airlines.