Things You Should Know Before Visiting Japan

We all know that Japan is one of the fascinating destinations in the world. In there, you will be able to find the combination of new technology and old traditions. You will also be able to see beautiful places as well as natural landscapes that will leave you breathless.

Japan is the place where everyone waits in the line in order, where everything is perfectly clean and tidy. Since the language and culture are different than others, it is challenging to state everything you should know before you head to Japan.

We can spend days describing hidden gems, the art of their specific cuisine and explaining different ways of living without offending anyone. But in here, we will present you a brief guide on fundamental that you should know before you book a trip:

It Is Perfectly Safe

Japan is one of the safest areas in the world, and when you check the prominent websites and magazines, you will notice that it is always on the top ten lists of the world’s safest countries. It is a perfect place if you want to go as a solo female traveler.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should do whatever you want, and always be cautious,which means that as a foreigner you should always avoid shady areas, showing your cash and avoid offending someone unintentionally.

Cash Only

Japan is the place where you should always pay in cash. Everyone will usually get paid in cash,and most services and businesses will accept only cash. Some big department stores and the hotel may take the credit card, but you should always ask before you decide to make a purchase.

Therefore, you should always have enough money in your wallet, so that you can avoid awkward moments of presenting a credit card that has no use. If you find yourself without cash, the best thing that you can do is to head to the first convenience store to use the ATM.

Rail Pass Is Necessity

If you want to save plenty of money on transportation, we recommend you to consider using the Japan Rail Pass especially if you plan on traveling the whole country or some specific region. You will be able to purchase an unlimited pass that would be validcountrywide or only for a particular reason.

That will provide you a transparent access to bullet trains and commuter trains, ferries,andbuses, for the same price. Have in mind that passes are valid for a limited number of days based on the one you purchased.

At the same time, you should buy them before you arrive, so that you can validate them in the office with a voucher and passport. In case that you wish to purchase in person, that will be 10% or 20% more expensive than online.

Check this link: to learn more on Japan Rail Pass.

The Metro Is Not Always Open

Even though this particular information tends to sound shocking, Japan does not have a 24-hour train system. So if you are planning a night out, you have to make for the last train. Of course, everything depends on where you are, but you will have the last one between 11:30 p.m and 1:00 a.m.

In case that you miss a train, you will have to rely on the expensive cab, which is both pricey and adventurous. Another option is to hang all night long and to wait for the first train in the morning, which is much cheaper than taking a cab.

Drunk People On Trains

Have in mind that this is not the part of their culture, but it is something that frequently happens. Even though most people are well mannered, you will meet some drunk Japanese person in the train.

Part of the culture especially brought from the Western hemisphere is that businesspeople tend to go out for a drink after work. So you shouldn’t be surprised if you see intoxicated men in suits in the first morning train.

They are people after all, and it happens to everyone.

Tattoos Are Taboo

Have in mind that in Japan tattoos are not the artistic way to express yourself and they associate it to members of a Yakuza gang. This is especially important if you wish to visit some traditional parts of Japan.