Where To Go for Your Florida Vacation

Florida is a very popular vacation destination, with the peninsula offering at least one beach within about a two hour drive from any point in the state. Some spots in the state offer exciting nightlife, while others offer family friendly retreats. If you are considering Florida for your next vacation, consider taking an Orlando jet charter to one or a few of the following places.

Key West

Key West and the other Florida keys have been called paradise by many, especially Jimmy Buffet. The laid back island way of life may be a refreshing break from the hustle. The year-round warm temperatures of the farthest point of Florida allow swimming and outdoor fun no matter when you go, although the summer months may be a little steamy. The beaches are incredible for snorkeling and swimming, with clear, warm, blue-green waters. Events such as Fantasy Fest may also offer a unique bit of fun.



Orlando is one of the most frequented vacation spots in the world, with many flocking to the city to visit the world famous Walt Disney World. Children from across the globe dream of visiting the theme parks and children and adults alike love seeing where many popular shows and movies are filmed. The city has exquisite resorts, dinner theaters, museums, and other activities to delight visitors.


For those that love nightlife, Miami is the place to go! Known for its rich Latin culture, amazing food, and beautiful beaches, Miami is an energetic city that everyone should visit at least once. While the city is known mainly for its party scene, there are some family friendly resorts and beaches that open up vacation opportunities for travelers that like a slower pace. The city also hosts Art Basel at the beginning of December, drawing artists and art lovers from around the world.

Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is great for sports fans, but also contains some incredible and unique beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and several theme parks to rival the best in Orlando. The serene waters of the Gulf of Mexico are perfect for swimming and wading, the sands soft and light and perfect for relaxing. Busch Gardens offers some of the best roller coasters in Florida, but additionally hosts a large zoo that houses many endangered species. If you are a lover of animals, there is also a big cat rescue and a Giraffe Ranch where you can hand feed the giraffes.

Book your Florida jet charter today and see all that this state has to offer!