Ten interesting facts about parasailing

The truth is there are many adventurous sports that can be participated by people of all ages. But, one particular sport that is preferred by the majority is parasailing. It is termed to be a fun filled and terrific adventure sport. It is a sport that no adventurer is likely to regret.

Some interesting facts about parasailing

  • It is not just a sport activity, however, also a recreational activity. It is actually a fun ride and hence, is not to get mixed up with paragliding.
  • Aditya Pratap Singh Chauhan has been considered to be the youngest parasailer aging just three year old. He had parasailed for about two minutes in 2002 at the Air Force Jammu Station, India.
  • K. Mahajan is regarded to be the oldest parasailer, in Lonavala, India, aging about 88 years old, which achieving this mega feat. He also is known to have entered the Limca Books of Records.
  • Usually, parasailing landing is performed in water. The parasailer is said to unhook from the device and land into water. It is a process known as ‘splashdown’.
  • It was during the 60’s that parasailing was discovered accidentally by Pierre Lamoigne. He had a parachute attached to the moving car for ensuring safe landings for his training.
  • Generally, in parasailing, three methods are used:
    • Beach parasailing: It is regarded to be the most dangerous of the three, with the take off being taken from the beach front.
    • Winch boat parasailing: It is the safest of the three methods. Recovery and launch of the parasailer tends to begin and terminate at the boat deck.
    • Platform method: The launch in this particular method is quite similar to that of the beach method. However, steering instructions have been deemed not to be necessary.
  • Winch boat type of parasailing is regarded to be quite popular. The parasailer during the procedure is not known to land on water. Instead, the launch point is returned to that is termed to be the boat’s deck. The hydraulic winch attached to the boat allows to have the parasailer reeled back to the boat. The initial winch boat of the world was said to be tested in 1974 under Mark McCulloh’s supervision.
  • Waterbird: It is the name that has been given to the initial 16 gore canopy design that has been designed mainly for parasailing. The revolutionary canopy design had been designed, developed and created by Brian Gaskin in 1974. This helped to be used on water without absorbing much liquid. On achieving success, Gaskin established an organization calling it Waterbird Parakites that is functional even today.
  • One of the significant contributors to parasailing is considered to be Mark Mculloh of Miami, Florida. His innovations, inventions and accomplishments were said to be focused more upon the improvisation of safety during parasailing, which was done through equipment design. His inventions till date is said to have set very high parasailing safety standards and followed by the majority of parasailers the world over.

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