Plan a bustling trip to blue lagoon

Blue lagoon is the best place to hang out for making so much of fun. The entertainment can’t be missed out when you are in better blue lagoon. One such blue lagoon is Nassau in Bahamas. Nearly 25,000 people come around for that place to have fun and excitement in summer or any seasons. Never miss the chance to get your toes wet in the fresh beach waters.

Why Nassau?

You may have questions that why specifically this place is driving people crazy. There are plenty of best things to do in nassau bahamas without wasting any pinch of time. If you have thoughts of making your trip more interesting and exciting then you must prefer this place. The place has got tropical monsoon climate which gives a soothing feeling for our skin. Some of the best things to do in Nassau are listed below

Explore the blue lagoon

To get to know about the lagoon very well, you must get on waters. Take a private cruise trip or group trip to explore various shores with lots of sea cucumbers and star fishes. Even you can visibly see many of the star fishes going round and round in waves of shores. Don’t ever miss the chance of getting the highest exposure of lagoon by going around in a small boat or big one.

Party hard on Sunday

If you are having just one day leave and that’s Sunday, don’t worry because this place gives special party passes on Sunday. The parties are the rocking heart beat on Sundays. They completely take care of your 100% enjoyment when you are getting paid party passes. The Sunday party includes stuffs like

  • Boat ride
  • Beach bar
  • Various cocktails
  • Snorkeling
  • Hammock gardens
  • Beach chairs and kayaks
  • Beat the heat with umbrella

These are some of the options which are available in your Sunday party pass to have lots of fun without any issues. You can meet lot of new faces in Sunday party and have complete fun episode.

Versailles garden

This is awesome place for your ecotourism trip in Nassau. The garden is filled with grasslands and beautiful blooms. The garden has got ridges with grey sand stone. They are situated in Paradise Island. They mark the excellent artwork of making grey colored statues. The bougainvillea will surely welcome you for getting a stress released trip.

Hog island lighthouse

This is marked as one of the oldest light house in Bahamas. It has got the special name of oldest light house in West Indies. The light house gives a wide diaspora for looking into the blue deep sea around the Nassau Island. The light house has got series of steps which leads to top with a beautiful view which was built in 1817.

These are some of the hangout spots where you can hang out with family and have lots of fun. Apart from this you can try snorkeling, fishing and swimming to mingle your body with sea. Ocean is waiting for your arrival at Nassau.