The Basics to Know to Get Visas to Vietnam

Travelling could probably be one of the most important activities that you would carry out in life. For many people, travelling is an adventure in itself. When you travel from one place to the other, you actually learn a lot of new things. There are also ample chances for you to meet new people and explore different cultures at large. However, People may also travel from one country to the other on account of various reasons such as education, vacation, business or anything else for that matter. Whatever may be the purpose of your visit; there are few of the requirements that you are supposed to meet with when you attempt to travel from one country to the other. One of those special requirements is a visa. Speaking from one such perspective, Vietnam is one of the countries that most of the people want to travel to in general. If you are one of those people who would love to visit the land of Vietnam, you are required to meet with the exclusive Vietnam visa requirements at large.

The Visa Types

In general, there are different types of visas; the type of visa that you will be given is very much based on the purpose of your visit. Find a list of famous visa types penned down as follows:

  • Official
  • Diplomat
  • Tourist
  • Employment
  • Student
  • Business
  • Journalist
  • Conference
  • Medical
  • Research
  • Universal

Besides the purpose of the visit, the visas can also be divided into two categories based on the nature of the entry in connection to the visas as well. Those two categories are penned down as follows with a little description attached to each one of them.

  • Single entry- A single entry visa can be taken to Vietnam for time period of one month to three months. In a single entry visa, you cannot step into the foreign land again if you step out of it once before the stipulated time period.
  • Multiple entry- Multiple entry visas can be taken to Vietnam for a time period of one month to three months just like a single entry visa. But then, there is a major difference that goes between the two. In a multiple entry visa, you can step in and out of the foreign land as many times as you want within the stipulated time period.

The visa fees

When it comes to the matter of Vietnam visa fee payment, there are a few simple procedures that you are expected to follow. They include two sections.

  • The approval letter fee
  • The stamping fee

When you want to get a visa to Vietnam, you are required to submit your visa application along with your passport, two of your passport sized photographs and the prescribed fees at the Vietnam embassy in your country. The fee is comparatively less and it will not be a big deal for you to pay the same. The process will usually be done within a maximum of seven business days. Your visa will be approved if there is no discrepancy of any kind.