People Love Taking a Walk in Spain Just About Any Time during the Year

People Love Taking a Walk in Spain Just About Any Time during the Year

If you want to spend time in a place and stroll and savour the surroundings, then you need to make sure you book travel to Spain. When you choose to hike or walk the nature trails in Spain, you will applaud your decision to take this type of holiday. One of the great places to go in Spain from mid-April to the end of October is Asturias and Northern Spain. This type of walking tour lasts seven nights and is designed for people who are moderately fit.

Friendly and Rural

The main theme of this walking trip is the Camín Real de la Mesa, which is a well-known, historical footpath. Therefore, the self-guided tour is one experience you won’t want to miss, and when you visit the countryside in Northern Spain and Asturias, you will soon see why. In fact, the word “Asturias” translates to friendly, rural, green, and genuine. Therefore, this place is a great locale for walking, cycling, swimming, or relaxing. You can also enjoy foods direct from local gardens or the sea. Because the weather is temperate, you can enjoy any activity in a pleasant and mild climate.

one of the Spain walking holidays

Excellent Vistas

When you take a hike along this particular path, you will be impressed by the greenness of the landscape and the farming villages. What’s more, the terrain here is bordered by a sweeping coastline – one that showcases steep limestone cliffs and vibrant and welcoming towns. This is one of the Spain walking holidays that allows you to view pre-Romanesque type churches and other excellent vistas.

Discovering Nature

When you choose this self-guided walking tour, you will discover places such as the Picos de Europa National Park and many other surprises of nature. Walkers who choose this trip are able to trek through the valleys of Teverga, Proaza, and Grada. They can see, first-hand, the loveliness of the mountain forests and mingle with local residents.

Arriving at Your Destination

Visitors arrive at this destination via the Oviedo Airport and by bus. They are then taken by a local train from the city centre to the serene town of Grado and then take a short transfer by taxi to their accommodation. This enables everyone to take some time to relax and savour the beauty of the Asturian scenery. If you come into Asturia from other parts of Spain, you can take a train to the airport in Oviedo from such places as Bilbao, Valladolid, or Madrid.

Other Tours to Consider

One of the other walking holiday excursions you won’t want to miss in Spain is the one that covers the Camino De Santiago, also known as the Way of St. James. This popular trip is offered from March to October and can be taken for 7 or 14 days. If you are a more experienced hiker, choose the longer trip. You might also like a six-night tour through Catalonia and along the Languedoc coast. This particular tour goes from the middle of January to the early part of July and from the first of September to the middle of November.