How to claim flight delay compensation

How to claim flight delay compensation

There is nothing more infuriating than your flight getting delayed. There is some place you absolutely have to be but cannot reach in time due to various errors or technical issues, or just plain overbooking. Not to mention, airports aren’t exactly the most comfortable spots on earth to wait for endless hours. You have afull legal entitlement to claim compensation if the delay is entirely the airline’s responsibility.

The amount of compensation you are entitled to depends upon:

  • When your flight was canceled
  • The flight distance
  • The arrival and departure timings of the rescheduled flight

If your flight was delayed for 2 hours or more

In this scenario, your airline is entitled to give you:

  • Food and drink
  • Access to phone and emails
  • If the delay is overnight, you are entitled to accommodation facilities.

If your flight was delayed for 3 hours or more

In this case, you are already entitled to food and drinks, phone calls, and accommodation due to your 2-hour delay.

As time goes by, at 3 or more hours, you are legible for compensation if the delay was entirely the airline’s responsibility. However, you won’t be compensated if the flight was delayed due to natural or uncontrollable circumstance like bad weather, strikes etc.

How to claim compensation from the airline

The first step towards claiming is to contact the airline.Even if you booked through another airline,this would mean contacting the airline that was operating your flight. Usually, the airline customer service department is all willing to help you out with your query; you will just have to provide the staff with all your flight details and booking reference numbers.

The second step is to write your claim. You should describe exactly what it is that went wrong with the flight and what you want the airline company to give you for it. The aviation authorities in your country have all the right information on how to write a good claim, and it is advisable to download a template from a website. If any receipts exist, include their copies, along with the copies of your tickets.

The third step involves keeping records. You have to keep the copies of your claim and any form of response from the airline. Moreover, it is better to take notes if you are in verbal contact with anyone from the airline. This could come in handy if you decide to take your claim further.

If you are being rejected

In a situation where the airline is not cooperating with you by holding back what you are entitled to, you can report your issue to any aviation authority that operates in your country. The customer representatives of that authority will then resolve your problem.

Claim what you are owed

After you have tried to claim what is legally yours, you are most probably going to receive it. However, if the airline company offers you less than you think you are owed, you should get a professional service to take care of it.

Following the right process, it is highly likely to earn your compensation.