Six Things of What to Do in Jakarta

Six Things of What to Do in Jakarta

For those who are planning to go for a vacation, you may be wondering which city or which country you should visit to get the unforgettable memories. There are a lot of people who want to go to Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta. But some people actually hesitate to go to Jakarta for several reasons, such as how messy the city is, is it worth it to go to Jakarta, and is four or five days enough to explore Jakarta. Due to its congestion, not a lot of people recommend Jakarta as a vacation spot. However, the city is actually a place with unique quality and deserves to be travelled despite all the drawbacks. In this article, we will give a brief explanation about what to do in Jakarta for 4 days.

There are so many things that you can do in Jakarta because this city offers so many tourist attractions. The list of what to do in Jakarta are explained below:

what to do in Jakarta

  • Enjoying Bars with Beautiful Scenery: one thing that Jakarta can offer is its nightlife. It has a lot of nice bars and awesome restaurants everywhere around the city. Some of the recommended bars are Cloud Lounge and Dining and Skye Bar. Both bars are located in the 56th floor and in the middle 49th floor of the BCA building floors respectively. It offers a great view of Jakarta’s Skyline, especially at sunsets.
  • Experiencing the Luxury Hotels: going to lavish hotels around Jakarta can be a great escape from Jakarta chaotic life. The moment you step to the entrance, it feels like you have step into a completely different world. One of the recommended hotels is The Hermitage Jakarta, a boutique lavish hotel with nice rooftop bars.
  • Visiting Monas (National Monument): this place is the icon of Jakarta and the symbol of Indonesia’s struggle for freedom. You are also able to visit The National History Museum within the Monas area. The monument is situated in the middle of Jakarta.
  • Visiting Thousand Islands: for those who are looking for an island gateway in Jakarta, you can go to Thousand Islands. It is located just several hours boat journey from the mainland Jakarta. These islands offer some attractions, such as diving, enjoying wonderful beaches, and relaxing under the sun, away from hectic life.
  • Enjoying the Night Life: known as the city that is always alive, Jakarta offers a different charm in the evening. The clubs and bars are usually packed with people, and the city’s skylines are decorated with millions of lights that looks beautiful.
  • Going to Malls: Jakarta has a lot of malls that you can visit from some shopping and playing bowling. There is a store named Alun-Alun Indonesia at Grand Indonesia Mall, where you are able to purchase traditional souvenirs of Indonesia for your significant others. For cheaper prices, you can also visit Thamrin City and Tanah Abang, and traditional markets around Jakarta.

Those are the list of fun things to do in Jakarta. There are still many things that you are able to enjoy in Jakarta. But for a short visit, those six things should be able to give you unforgettable memories of Jakarta.