Hiking Watch Buying Guide: The Bare Essentials

When we think about a watch, the most obvious product that comes into mind is a wearable timepiece that locks into place on our wrists with the help of a lockable strap. But when the topic changes from looking at the ordinary wrist watch to hiking watches, then the factors leading to the purchase of the latter item becomes more intricate as compared to just buying an ordinary watch.

When you have a good hiking watch on your wrist, it’ll not only provide you with the date and time, but it should also show other vital pieces of information such as sunrise/sunset times, location, altitude, and air pressure. Some hiking watches will even go beyond giving the basic information mentioned in the previous statement. If you’re already looking for a guide to help you decide on which model to buy, here are the things you should look into when searching for a reliable hiking watch on the market.

Durability of the Hiking Watch

Ordinary wrist watches tend to be so delicate that they won’t last as long as their counterparts meant for hiking and other sports activities. Hiking watches are known to be robust beasts with highly durable straps. Some hiking watch manufacturers even equip their products with Sapphire glass lenses for enhanced resistance against scratches. In comparison, ordinary wrist watches have lenses that tend to scratch easily, especially the low-quality variants.

Heart Rate Monitor

The good hiking watches out in the market show and records the heart rate of the user. Some models make use of an accompanying transmitter and chest strap, whereas other variants have the heart rate recording modules built underneath the watch face. Most modern hiking watches that can show and record the user’s heart rate now have an accompanying mobile phone app for easy viewing.


Most interested buyers who’re looking for hiking watches are searching for wearable timepieces with GPS functionality. GPS, or Global Positioning System, allows the watch to keep track of your location wherever the product can detect a signal. This feature is essential for hikers who want to follow a digital map or hiking trail. Some trails can even be downloaded from the Internet coming from other users so you can plan your hiking trip ahead of time.

The items listed on this post are the bare essentials on what you should consider when looking for reliable hiking watches on the market. If you don’t know where to search, then a good place to start is by heading to http://www.donatwald.com/best-hiking-watches/.