Travel Planning: Best Things To Do In Gettysburg PA

A visit to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is on the top of the list for many American history enthusiasts. The quaint town is home to many historic moments that happened during the Civil War that has shaped the United States into the country of freedom and justice that it is known for today. From the Gettysburg Battlefield to the ever famous Gettysburg Address given by President Abe Lincoln, this town is chock full of things to see and do.

For those who are making a list of Gettysburg attractions to visit, here’s a short compilation of the best spots in town:

1. Battlefield Monument Tour

If you’re up for a lot of walking, taking a tour around town to see different monuments and statues located in an enormous battlefield should be at the top of your list. There are over 14,000 different monuments scattered in the field which makes it one of the world’s largest outdoor sculpture collection. These statues and monuments mark the exact places where different unit fought and held base. Smaller squares represent battle formations during the Civil War. It is a walk that every historian or historian-wannabe must take while in Gettysburg.

2. Gettysburg Museum Of History

Need a rest from walking the battlefield? Take cover under the shade of the Gettysburg Museum of History and make it an educational trip for everyone. This museum doesn’t just house artifacts from the Civil War, it is also home to extensive private collections from World War I and II, the different US presidencies, and even relevant and up to date pop culture. It is your one stop shop for everything historic and current. Tourists on a tight budget will also appreciate this attraction because it’s free! This spot definitely deserves a spot on your things to do while in Gettysburg.

3. Watch A Civil War Reenactment

If you time your visit to Gettysburg correctly you might just catch one of the best things the town has to offer visitors: an accurate civil war re-enactment show. During the anniversary of the Civil War, July 1 – 3 the town puts on their best and authentic uniforms, machinery, and mind set to give tourists and residents a chance to witness the war in person. If you’re in town during these dates you can also catch different historic lectures, military band concerts, and period antiques and artifacts on display. Plan your trip accordingly to get a chance to see this re-enactment yourself.

4. Mulligan MacDuffer Adventure Golf and Ice Cream Parlour

Looking for a break from all the history? Bring the family for some fun and ice cream to the famous Mulligan MacDuffer place. They are only open from April through October, so plan ahead if you want to experience miniature golfing while overlooking the Gettysburg Battlefield. Grab an ice cream cone while admiring the views both inside and out of the parlor. It is a fun treat for everyone, not just the kids.

There are so many Gettysburg attractions to see during your visit, but many attractions are seasonal so plan accordingly! Although the town is known for its rich history it has so much more to offer and you’ll find this out during your visit.
If you are heading to Gettysburg, make sure to visit the Gettysburg Museum of History. Considered one of the top Gettysburg attractions, you will be able to see an extensive collection of Civil War and World War artifacts here.