Best Spots For Trekking Near Bangalore

Bangalore is not merely the Garden city or Silicone Valley of India. It has some very exciting spots for trekking nearby. Every holiday and vacation, people from Bangalore head to a number of these scenic spots, which promise adventure and excitement.

Here is a sample of spots for trekking near Bangalore. All of these are less than 100 km from Bangalore.

  • Ramanagara- 55 km

It is quite near to Bangalore and an exciting one day trekking spot. It is a great place to trek and unwind. The easy trek can be attempted at both day and night. The challenge of the trek is the steep slopes and granite hills. These make trekking in the Monsoons slightly dangerous. The large boulders and rocky terrain also make the place ideal for other adventure sports like rappelling and rock climbing. The place is ideal also for camping and picnicking. The trek traverses 6 km and the ideal time for it is November to February.

  • Nandi Hills-60 km

It is the perfect spot for a great escape from the city of Bangalore. A one day trek to the top of hills can afford some very scenic views. There is a spectacular sunrise point here and every step of the trek provides beautiful views. You can reach the hill also by car or bike. To reach the hills, one has to cross the Nandi fort.

Nandi hills can be reached by trekkers through 2 routes- Route 1 (from South side of hills) and Route 2 (from North side of hills). Recommended time of trek is between 6 am to 9 pm. There are many hotels atop the hill. You may have to face cold chilly winds at the top. So, it is good to carry some warm clothing.

  • Skandagiri- 61 km

It is one of the most ancient hill fortresses scaling an altitude of over 4000 ft above sea level. This spot is ideal for a night trek and some serious bird watching. It offers a panoramic view of the night sky lit with stars.

This place is also referred to as Kalavara Durga. Trekkers can explore two caves along their trip. The hill offers one of the most spectacular views of sunrise. The trek is mildly difficult and the terrain is rugged featuring dense grass, making the trek tough for some people. The trip takes 4 to 5 hours.  Within 2 hours you can finish trek up and down and you can spend one hour in between to enjoy a bonfire and view on top.

Skandagiri has also historic value being birthplace of an old Hindu monastery called as Papagni Math which is home to many idols like that of Goddess Parvathy. It is also a great spot to unwind from the stressful city life.

  • Makalidurga- 60 km

Being a moderately tough trek, this spot offers some scenic views which are totally worth the tough journey uphill. After reaching the peak, you can enjoy some amazing views of lakes and scenery. The fort houses a Shiva temple and is one of the ideal spots to explore.

 The spot is located near Doddaballapur town and is famous for adventure sports. You can enjoy sports ranging from rappelling to rock-climbing. The terrains may be slightly risky and uneven. But nigh treks are very popular.

These are some great trekking spots near Bangalore.