Corporate Housing vs. Furnished Housing

Corporate housing St Louis is in simple terms a higher end furnished apartment. It is intended for those individuals who require a stay of thirty days or longer. The best way to describe a corporate house to imagine a mix of a hotel and a fully furnished rental apartment. Hotels are generally for shorter stays, while rental apartments are for longer stays and sometimes requires a lease agreement of 6 months or longer. This put corporate housing properties somewhere in the middle.

Though there might not seem as if there would be any difference between a corporate housing and a furnished housing, that is not in fact true. There are several subtle differences that can be spotted in order to tell the difference between the two.

A furnished property can simply be any type of property that us up for rent that also includes furniture. It can be furnished with long term renters or vacationers in mind. The home owner can also partially furnish it or fully furnish it, depending on who they are trying to rent the property to. There is not any industry standard or acceptable rules that qualify a furnished rental. A furnished property can simply be a property for rent for a year, month, week or even just a night.

A corporate housing on the other hand is quite different. These properties are furnished with a corporate employee or user in mind. Hence, there are strict and specific standards that must meet corporate housing industry standards, including the level of service and the quality of the furnishings.

Individuals that rent out corporate housing properties are generally corporate employees or business executives. Those that are traveling for work purposes want an all-inclusive experience, which includes basic amenities, such as Wi-Fi. These individuals tend to need lodging for a month or sometimes even longer than that. The average stay at a corporate housing property is around three months. Corporate housing tenants usually require a higher level of service than that of a traditional hotel. They need specific attention and care for the property that should be taken care of by property managers and property owners.

If you are not ready to make the commitment of renting or purchasing a property, corporate housing properties are the next best bet. They offer individuals with the comforts of home and the amenities of a hotel. Corporate housing may defer depending on the city or location that you are looking in. However, they will all have quality furnishes and services in order to meet the industry standards.

Individuals who are looking to find out more information in regards to corporate housing can simply do an online search to find the nearest ones in your preferred location. Though these might cost more for your allocated amount of time, these properties will generally have more to offer you than a traditional hotel. So do not wait to check on out today and ease your mind a bit on where you and your family will stay.