Pay Attention: How to Avoid Being a Tourist Scam Victim

How to Avoid Being a Tourist Scam Victim

One of the main attractions of a vacation is to put you at ease and in a relaxed frame of mind, but you will still need to be on your guard if you want to avoid the prospect of being caught up in a scam when you are in a typical tourist area.

Here are some pointers on what sort of scams to look out for so that you act before your vacation gets ruined, including a look at some typical street crimes and ways to protect your valuables such as how to avoid being overcharged, and keeping hold of your valuables.

Hitting the streets

Once you have checked into a hotel like the Marriott Charleston West Virginia you will want to leave the comfort of those surroundings to check out the local area.

Once you hit the streets and head to the main tourist areas there is always the possibility that someone walking amongst you in the crowd doesn’t have good intentions and is searching out their next victim.

There are many different street crimes and it is fair to say that some cities are considerably worse than others but if you take a standard approach to protecting your personal safety and your valuables wherever you go, it should stand you in good stead.

Common street scams often involve distractions, such as offering to take your photograph and either then demanding a payment from you or running off with your camera if they offer to use yours to take the picture.

Pickpockets are a problem in many parts of the world and gangs can even train children to steal from unsuspecting tourists. Think about where you store your money and valuables on your person while you are walking around and don’t make it easy for someone to “bump” into you and steal your wallet.

How to Avoid Being a Tourist Scam Victim

Getting overcharged

Stealing your possessions is a crime that can quickly spoil your holiday mood but there are other scams that can also relieve you of more cash than you should have been asked to part with.

Taxi drivers who overcharge tourists are a problem in the majority of major cities and taking a longer route to run up the charges is a common scam.

Try to clarify and agree on a price for your journey before you get in and agree to ride. Also, check your change to see whether the notes and coins are the right value that you should be getting back and paying for the trip itself.

Try to take a taxi from a reputable source, like the official taxi rank at an airport, rather than agree to go with someone who approaches you and asks if you want a taxi.

There are many different tourist scams that you need to be wary of. One of your main lines of defense is to use your instincts to tell when something about an encounter or situation doesn’t feel right.

As long as you pay attention you should be able to enjoy your vacation without incident and reduce the odds of becoming a scam victim yourself.