Tips To Survive A Train Journey

The perks of travelling by trains are innumerable. The Indian Railways is one of the busiest and longest rail network transporting almost 2.5 crore passengers in a day. Trains are not only pocket friendly but also offers a much faster and smoother ride when compared to road transport. This makes them the perfect choice for travelling longer distances. In case you are planning a train trip soon, these tips will prepare you for your journey.

  1. Although there are pantries available onboard, you must carry a few dry snacks of your choice like cookies, cakes, nuts and chips to satisfy your sudden hunger pangs. If you have special dietary requirements then it is safe to carry your own food. Make sure to pack your food in tight boxes to avoid messy spillage. And, try to carry drier food items so they can survive your journey. However, you can avoid all the hassle and the risk of stale food by ordering it from certain food apps and websites. They specialize in delivering fresh, healthy food to you while you’re travelling. With their easy interface and multiple options to choose from, you can order your meal in a jiffy. You can also get your hands on fresh fruits, beverages, boiled eggs and local delicacies from the hawkers. But be extra careful while choosing.
  2. Although there won’t be a lack of chirpy co-passengers, you may carry your headphones if you’re not the talker type. However, try to make conversations as you’ll find impeccable stories and opinions. Besides, they can be really helpful at times of need. Carry earplugs in case you want a sound sleep amidst the chaos.
  3. It is essential to carry your own toiletries. Get a small pouch with hand sanitizer, toilet seat sanitizer, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and a multipurpose balm. The toilets can get pretty obnoxious by the end of the day so beware. A handy deodorant can to your rescue whenever the air around you feels stale.
  4. It is extremely important to keep your luggage safe and your valuable out of people’s attention. Carry small locks and chains to lock your luggage securely and keep your valuables close to you in bags which you can put under your head as a pillow. Put name tags with your phone number and address on top of all your luggage.
  5. Always try to pre-book your tickets a few months earlier. Try to pick a window seat to enjoy the spectacular view the moving train offers. You can choose the top berth in case you want to rest throughout your journey without any interference.
  6. To pass your time during the long journeys, armour yourself with your favorite novel or your choicest magazine. If you are traveling with friend then you can bring a deck of cards or a board game to have a gala time on board.
  7. It’s extremely important to keep a first aid kit with yourself. The kit must include an antiseptic lotion, cotton swabs, Band-Aids, tweezers, an antiseptic cream, a few pills for allergies, fever, cough and cold, pain relief and digestion.