About Golden Triangle Tour India – The Culture and Heritage

Besides Delhi, the basic trip of a tourist to India should contemplate the so-called “Golden Triangle”, which also includes the cities of Agra and Jaipur.

Agra is not one of the most beautiful cities in the country, but your visit is essential. In addition to the beautiful Agra Fort, the giant fortress of the city built in the eleventh century with impressive arches and halls, is where the most famous monument in the country and one of the wonders of the world remains: the Taj Mahal.

Visit the building that holds the romantic love story (and death) of Shan Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, is the dream of most travelers. The surprise is to discover there that the beauty of the

site is not only in the giant white marble building, but also in its gardens, its surroundings and the water mirrors.

It is mandatory to reserve, at least two hours, to enjoy the place or more if you are fond of photography. To take better advantage of the beauty and peace of the site, it is advisable to visit at dawn (the doors of the monument open when the sun rises) or for the sunset, when the color of white marble changes first to beige and then to pink.

Having a reliable driver and a comfortable car to travel through the region is essential. The simple trip Delhi-Jaipur, less than 300 kilometers can last seven hours due to traffic conditions. Also, Jaipur seemed even more chaotic than Delhi. The second largest city in India shows its enormity in the transit too complex and the immigrants who live in the streets but also in all the splendor of colors so typical of the province of Rajasthan.

The Amber Fort is one of the most beautiful, complete and emblematic attractions in the country. Built by Rajput royalty on the summit of a mountain, look out over the city and down to Maota Lake with an impressive number of beautiful palaces, halls, gardens and temples. To get there, a typical elephant ride is advisable.

The beautiful City Palace where the royal family of Jaipur lived for a long time is a perfect example of the mixture of Rajasthani and Mughal architectures (today the royal family lives in the also beautiful Moon Palace, right next door). Inside the palace there are also museums, art galleries and interesting exhibitions of royal costumes and ancient weapons.

Next to the Palace, it is worth visiting the Jantar Mantar, the astronomical observatory that King Jai Singh II built in the 18th century, a garden with a curious collection of large sculptures and structures (14 in total) to measure time anticipate eclipses and track stars.

The Hawa Mahal (or Palace of the Winds), the classic facade of Jaipur, was built in 1799. There are five floors formed by rows of small windows and a beautiful work of decoration and ornamentation. Visit all these places with Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train and feel the royalty along with journey.

What you need to know

When to travel

The best time is from November to March. April and May are the hottest months and from June to September the monsoon winds usually pass.

How to get

The best way to know India calmly and safely is to hire the private services of a company, which have absolutely affordable costs. It is highly recommended that women traveling alone have the company with a guide.

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